Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless ATW-T34 1B – C Band


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Designed to work with Audio-Technica's ATW-T310 receiver, the ATW-T341C is a cardioid handheld microphone transmitter with great performance and sound. It's design is a lot like Audio-Technica's popular Artist Elite handheld microphones. The ATW-T310 features switchable output power, depending on your needs.

3000 Series systems and components operate in three available frequency bands: Audio-Technica's C band - 541.500-566.375 MHz (TV Channels
25-30), 996 frequencies are selectable in 25 kHz steps; Audio-Technica's D band - 655.500-680.375 MHz (TV Channels 44-49), 996 frequencies are
selectable in 25 kHz steps; and Audio-Technica's I band - 482.000-507.000 MHz (TV Channels 16-20), 1001 frequencies are selectable in 25 kHz
steps. The "C", "D" or "I" at the end of 3000 Series Stock Numbers indicates whether the system/component operates in the C, D or I band. All
3000 Series wireless systems include rack-mount ears.
Works with 3000 Series wireless systems Includes AT8456a Quiet-Flex stand clamp